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I am starting this blog to make a difference.

In lockdown I have realised how many things are happening around the world all at once and I think this is the best way to spread my message.

Coronavirus is bad but it will end and then everything will get back to normal but things like climate change will get worse and worse if we don’t act now. There are wars in some countries like Syria that force loads of people to become refugees. Lots of species that took years and years to adapt to their habitat will suddenly go extinct because of deforestation and global warming which will cause others to as well.

I have been learning all about rainforests and the different kinds of animals and plants that have adapted to it’s wonderful environment and I found out that the rainforest is called the lungs of the planet.

If we destroy our rainforests we will make our planet’s lungs stop breathing.

If we all work together and make good choices,we can make a difference.